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August 26, 2019



The top 25 mobile advertising ecosystems beyond Facebook (report)

February 25, 2014  •  Venture Beat

This is what happens when you ban a mobile advertising company from Facebook.Peter Hamilton, the mobile ad executive dumped by Facebook after violating data storage agreements, has released a marketing report of the top 25 other companiesoccupying the mobile space.In response to Facebook’s accusation, Hamilton acknowledged the snafu, and blamed it on a technology issue. Playhaven/Kontagent, a mobile advertising and analytics outfit with offices in San Francisco and London, was also dropped by ...


The Mobile Advertising Ecosystem Beyond Facebook

February 25, 2014  •  Has Offers

The mobile advertising landscape is experiencing rapid change and growth. With the rise of smartphone use and technologies to better serve and track mobile ads, we’ve seen an explosion in the amount of money being spent on mobile advertising over the past few years and that trend is only expected to continue. Gartner Research estimates that global mobile advertising spend was $13.1 billion USD in 2013 and is projected to rise to almost $42 billion USD by 2017.Of the estimated $13.1 billion spe...


InMobi claims 759M monthly active users, second only to Facebook

February 13, 2014  •  Tech Circle

Bangalore- and San Francisco-based mobile ad network InMobi claims that its mobile ad network is reaching 759 million active users per month across 165 countries via mobile devices. In terms of global reach, the firm is now second only to social networking giant Facebook, which had 945 million monthly active users as of December 31, 2013. InMobi also claims that it receives over four billion ad requests on a daily basis.“According to IDC, smartphone shipments are expected to surpass one billio...


InMobi reaches 759 million monthly active users globally, second only to Facebook

February 13, 2014  •  Telecom Tiger

InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising company, on Wednesday said that it reaches 759 million active users per month through their mobile devices.It said that it now second only to Facebook. These 759 million anonymous profiles on the InMobi network span 165 countries, bringing a truly global audience to advertisers.“According to IDC, smartphone shipments are expected to pass one billion for the first time in 2014[1]. Mobile has become the foundation of peoples’ lives, ...


Leveraging mobile marketing for the connected consumer in 2014

February 11, 2014  •  Campaign Asia-Pacific

Mobile advertising spend will make increasing headway in the Year of the Horse. What are the implications for marketers? The year 2013 was an exciting one for marketers around the world. While TV continued to garner the highest advertising dollars, mobile continued its relentless march to be the dominant media consumption device. InMobi, the world’s largest mobile advertising network, saw CPG companies nearly doubled their ad spend with a 175 per cent increase year on year; the trend was...


InMobi Launches Interactive Video Ad Platform To Help Advertisers Boost Sales On Mobile

February 10, 2014  •  Tech Crunch

InMobi is making its biggest push so far in capturing a larger share of the $11.9 billion mobile advertising market, as it launches its new video ad platform today.The new mobile video platform also underscores InMobi’s growing ambitions beyond being a pure ad network, and seriously challenge Google and Facebook as a more broad-based rival in the ecosystem. Last year in October, InMobi launched a white label app store for publishers to boost mobile ads.InMobi CEO Naveen Tewari told me that ove...


It all ads up: Adways partners with InMobi

February 05, 2014  •  Pocket Gamer

Japan-headquartered digital advertising network Adways is deepening its offering.It's just signed up with mobile ad network InMobi to enable developers using its services to hook into InMobi's global reach.This consists of 120 billion mobile ad impressions per month, generated by 691 million users in 165 countries.Conversely, developers using InMobi will now get access to Adways' network.Share alike"We are aiming to become the No.1 smartphone advertising company in Asia. Through this partnership...


Can India Create A $100B Software Products Industry?

February 04, 2014  •  Techcrunch

So far, India’s over $100 billion IT industry has been built mostly on software services and back office projects delivered by TCS, Infosys andWipro for the likes of Citibank and GE, who have been outsourcing non-core work to save costs over the last two decades. Now, the newly formed software product think-tank iSpirt says software products can be a $100 billion industry in India by 2025, an ambition that may sound too bullish on the face of it, but not overly aggressive if you consider th...


2 Launches Take Aim at Native Mobile Advertising

February 04, 2014  •  ClickZ

InMobi and MobSoc Media both announced new initiatives to make it easier for advertisers to reach mobile users in a more engaging and less interruptive way.Mobile ad network InMobi released its Native Ads Platform that it says lets app developers and mobile publishers deliver ads that are adapted to their specific look and feel with minimal development effort. The platform simplifies the process of delivering native ads across multiple, discrete publishers by adapting a base set of creative asse...


A Start Up that Competes with Google & Apple

February 03, 2014  •  DATAQUEST

The story of InMobi has been an inspiration for Indian start-ups. InMobi was founded in 2007 by Naveen Tewari, and in less than a decade, it has turned into a giant mobile ad network, and a direct competitor to Apple and Google in the mobile ad space. Despite being around for only less than a decade, Naveen has already been named as one of the start-up entrepreneurs to watch out for. Naveen is an engineer by training, studied at Harvard Business School, and worked at consulting firm McKinsey. ...


InMobi’s Native Ad Platform: empowering app developers to monetize better

February 01, 2014  •  Your Story

‘Mobile is big’ is no longer news in 2014 and every technology company has realized the potential of mobile. The shift from desktop to mobile has been quick and all the players in the technology chain have had to adapt fast. Advertisements on mobile have been a primary channel for monetization and ad networks have grown tremendously over the last six to seven years. InMobi is one of the big mobile ad networks from India and the company has now launched its Native Ad Platform.The evolution ...


Researchers: Mobile users at risk from lack of HTTPS use by mobile ad libraries

January 31, 2014  •  PC World

Over the past several months security researchers have found serious vulnerabilities in many mobile advertising libraries that could be exploited to abuse the permissions of Android apps or to execute unauthorized code on users’ devices. The risks resulting from those vulnerabilities would be significantly lower if those libraries would use HTTPS, security researchers said.Researchers from security firm FireEye recently reported that many ad libraries expose sensitive functionality to JavaScri...


InMobi's native ads let devs deliver a better quality mobile advertisement

January 30, 2014  •  Mobile Entertainment

Platform simplifies the delivery of native ads across multiple and discrete publishers. InMobi - who won the ME Award for best advertisement network - launches a new native ads platform today, which gives developers the opportunity to deliver higher quality mobile ads to the end user. The ad units adapt to an app look and feel, and provide an simpler experience to users, resulting in publishers earning a pretty little penny. Advertisers on mobile can now display their brands in a way that i...


InMobi Launches Its Native Advertising Platform For App Publishers & App Developers

January 30, 2014  •  Next Big What

Mobile ad network, InMobi has launched its native advertising platform that will allow developers to deliver ads non intrusively in-app. App developers and companies can now customize ads to suit the design and feel of the app.Native ads enables app users to keep using the app without distraction from a jarring banner ad entry, while also appreciating the ad content.The ad platform offers customization options, be it in-stream ads, icons or news feeds, with minimal development effort from app d...


InMobi launches native ad platform

January 30, 2014  •  The Times of India

BANGALORE: Mobile advertising firm InMobi has launched a platform that will allow app developers and mobile publishers to deliver ads that adapt to the look and feel of the apps downloaded by the users.The technology aims at helping advertisers and publishers retain users and provide better monetisation. "The ads don't appear disruptively, but are felt by the users," said Krishnendu Majumdar, head of products, supply and development solutions at InMobi."They will blend with the look and feel of ...


InMobi launches ad platform that blends with the look and feel of apps

January 30, 2014  •  The Economic Times

BANGALORE: Mobile advertising firm InMobi has launched a platform that will allow app developers and mobile publishers to deliver ads that adapt to the look and feel of the apps downloaded by the users. The technology aims at helping advertisers and publishers retain users and provide better monetisation."The ads don't appear disruptively, but are felt by the users," said Krishnendu Majumdar, head of products, supply and development solutions at InMobi. "They will blend with the look and feel of...


InMobi Shows Off New Native Ads Platform

January 30, 2014  •  Mobile Marketing Watch

The native mobile advertising waters are getting crowded.On Thursday, mobile advertising network InMobi announced the launch of its long-awaited native ads platform that allows app developers and mobile publishers to deliver what we are told is a more engaging, in-context, native ad experience to their end users.Best of all, InMobi says its native ad platform can be used with minimal development effort."Mobile advertisers can now present their brands to users in a new, non-disruptive manner that...


Crid Yu Interview - Is Alibaba struggling to capture the smartphone market?

January 22, 2014  •  Fox Business

Jan. 22, 2014 - 2:12 - InMobi's VP and Managing Director, North America, Crid Yu, spoke with Fox Business' Varney & Co. on China’s smartphone market and Alibaba.See the original post here!


InMobi Report: Android retains lead in the Global Mobile Ad Impression Market

January 22, 2014

Founded by Naveen Tewari, InMobi is an independent mobile ad network that engages 691 million consumers across 165 countries. The company is one of India’s biggest technology success story and an example of a global company coming from India. The platform leverages advances in big data, user behavior, and cloud-based architectures to simplify mobile advertising and InMobi regularly releases reports studying trends in the space.Yesterday, InMobi released the Q4 2013 report on latest mobile devi...


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